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Online and In-Studio Training

I am currently based in Portland, Oregon and I work with Night Flight Aerial and Ecdysiast Pole Dance Studio.  Please click the links below to be directed to each studio's website where you can find both my online and in-studio classes.  I can't wait to train with YOU!


Understanding Handstand Alignment w/ Daniel Patrick

Hand Balancing, while being a highly technical discipline, has become an excellent training tool for conditioning the body, whether you want to achieve specific handstand skills, or simply improve strength and body awareness.  Learning the fundamentals of handstand technique requires an understanding of body alignment, shoulder extension, and muscle activation for balance control; this class will teach you just that.  We will begin with an active warm-up involving strength and flexibility to provide tools for building your muscle endurance specific to the handstand.  A strong emphasis will be held on injury prevention, specifically targeting wrists, shoulders, neck, and proper entrances/exits.  Students will learn exercises both on and off the wall to condition the proper handstand shape in a variety of positions including, but not limited to, straight, straddle, and tucked.  Upon completion of the class each individual will have the tools (ranging from beginner to advanced) needed to properly train hand balancing technique within their own practice.



About the Instructor

Daniel Patrick, a silly natured gymnast turned circus artist, has been working as a teacher and performer for nearly ten years.  A graduate of the New England Center for Circus Arts professional programs, he is skilled as a tumbler, hand balancer, and specializes in vertical aerial apparatuses.  He has worked around the country with companies such as Aerial Horizon, Quixotic, and The Santa Fe Opera.  In 2015 he won Best Artistic Performance at the Acrobatic Arts Festival (held in Denver, CO) and soon thereafter began coaching with Night Flight Aerial in Portland, OR.  He most recently began working with AIDA Cruises, an international company, in August 2017 as a lead soloist in their various entertainment productions.  Daniel Patrick prides himself with his captivating and versatile style of acrobatic art that has left countless audiences breathless.




Beginning Handstand:  30 sec hollow body, 30 sec plank, 5 push ups - no handstand experience necessary


Handstand 1:  45 sec hollow body, 45 sec plank, 5-10 push ups, ability to kick up safely into a handstand against the wall, holding handstand against the wall for 10 seconds - handstand experience preferred


Handstand 2:  1 min hollow body, 1 min plank, 10 push ups, ability to kick up safely into a handstand away from the wall and holding for 10 - 30 seconds, straddle with flat forward fold - must have proper handstand experience




Typically class is designed with a structure fitting 2 hours.  Class begins with a fifteen minute cardio warm up, thirty minute stretch, an hour of handstand conditioning (with short breaks as needed), and a 15 minute cool-down.




Minimum:  4

Maximum:  8




To be negotiated with studio.


For more information please contact Daniel Patrick:

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