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Daniel Patrick, a silly natured dreamer from the hills of New Hampshire, is a versatile circus artist specializing in Hand Balancing, Aerial Rope, and Aerial Fabrics.  With a background in tumbling, Daniel spent much of his adolescence cartwheeling and flipping down hallways and streets, showing off for anyone interested in his absurdity.  At twenty-two, he was accepted into the professional development programs at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in Brattleboro, VT where he trained for three years in a variety of disciplines.  There, he worked with world renowned coaches Elise and Serenity Smith of Cirque Du Soleil as well as Sellam Ouahabi of The Sellam Circus School.


Upon Daniel’s graduation from NECCA, he began his professional performance career with The Santa Fe Opera in June of 2014 as an acrobat working amongst the chorus.  In 2015, he won Best Artistic Performance at the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver, CO with his energetic Rope Act.  From there, he spent the next three years traveling the country, performing in every region of the continental United States with companies including, Quixotic Fusion, AcroArts Productions, Cirque Imagination, Nimble Arts, and The Boston Circus Guild.  The events Daniel has performed at range from corporate to club events, fairs/festivals and full length production shows within blackbox and theater venues. 


He auditioned and was accepted to work with AIDA Cruises, an international company based out of Hamburg, Germany, in the spring of 2017; successfully completing four contracts, he worked as a soloist and within ensembles in multiple productions, performing a variety of acts at sea, including his Hand Balancing and other aerial routines.  For this small town New Hampshirite, it was a huge highlight in Daniel’s career as he worked and travelled abroad.  Most recently, he began working with Celebrity Cruises in February of 2020, performing as a production cast member before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe.


Currently, Daniel is based in Portland, OR, still flipping and cartwheeling through life, and practicing patience while the pandemic plays out.  You can find him working with Night Flight Aerial and Ecdysiast Pole Dance Studio, teaching a plethora of online fitness and flexibility classes, as well as in-studio Handstand and Aerial courses.

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